Roof being one of the most important aspects when it comes to aesthetics and adding a protective layer to the house needs regular check and upkeep. Continuous exposure to sun rays, wind, dust, and storm may make it weak over the time, or else, it may also cause water to clog in the cracks that develop on the roof resulting in growth of molds and fungus. In any case, you need to contact a professional roofing service provider. They ensure that the roof is in excellent condition. So, what is the condition you need to take care while checking the roof? Dallas Tx Roofing Pro Company will break the ice for you. We are one of the most trusted partners in the city, having trained and licensed roofing professional. We bring you some of the common symptoms to note while the roof is getting damaged.

Symptoms of Roof Damage-

Ponding– Continuous hailstorm, rain and heat may cause contraction and expansion of roofing materials, thus leading to cracks and break down. These can become a place for water to collect. This can further cause damage to the roof by making it damp and becoming a breeding ground for molds to grow. So, if you notice dampness on the ceiling, go and check the roof.

Shingles coming out- This is yet another sign of roofing damage, if you see shingles coming out, then its time to contact a professional roofing service provider. They help you analyze, whether the roof needs repair or replacement.

Blistering and peeling of the paint- If you notice the paint chipping off from the ceiling, it’s a sign that the roof is under damage. This may result because of either poor quality paint, or maybe the roof is demanding a new quote of color. Continuous rain and heat can be the probable reason for the same. Contact a local contractor for the same.

Lose Step flashing– This is used along the walls which intersect the roof. It channels the water seep downhill from the shingle. If a piece of the flashing rust or comes out, then the water will flow into the house which is not a good sign.

Conclusion- If you notice any of the above signs, its time to call a professional roofing service provider. They will thoroughly gauge the condition of the roof and based on it they will suggest roof repair or replacement.

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