Gutter Installation

The purpose of gutters is to carry rainwater away from your home. They are usually installed along downspouts, where water flows off the roof into a catch basin or downspout. If you don’t have them, it may be obvious to you why gutters are necessary, as you see the effects of heavy rain on patios and soil around your house. Gutters are designed to protect your house and yard from damage caused by heavy rains. If there is no drainage system, water could cause severe flooding in your yard and erode the soil around your home’s foundation over time.

Gutter Repairs

If you notice leaks or clogs in your gutters, it might be time to call a Dallas TX Roofing Pro. There are many reasons why gutters may leak or clog over time. For example, leaves and debris may build up inside the gutter causing blockages. In addition, tree roots may grow under the gutter and eventually break the seal around the bottom of the gutter. This allows water to seep into the ground beneath the foundation of your home.

When you hire a pro to fix your gutters, they will inspect the entire area surrounding your home to ensure that everything is working properly. From there, they will determine whether repairs are needed. They may recommend replacing damaged parts or installing a new gutter system altogether.

Common Gutter Problems

Here are a few common problems that you may be facing with your gutters:

Blockage:  Blockage is one of the most common problems. Gutters can be clogged with leaves, roof debris or even foreign objects like tennis balls. If you’re seeing water spill from the sides of gutters or watermarks underneath them, your gutters likely need a thorough cleaning.

Leaks: If the gutter system is not blocked but you still notice that the water is escaping, then there is a high probability that there is a leak. These kinds of leaks open up at the joints between the different gutter sections which can usually be resealed. If a section of gutter has become dented, it may be necessary to replace that section.

Sag: If you find that your gutter is pulling away from the house or leaning down, then you may have a broken hanger. If left unchecked, not only is your gutter system less effective, but it may pull down additional sections due to strain on the remaining hangers. If sagging sections are left too long, the bend may become too severe to repair, in which case the section may need to be replaced.

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