DallasTxroofingpro has over 15 years of experience in commercial-residential roofing, roof repair-replacement, gutter repair & fence repair industry


Dallas TX Roofing Pro, Ltd are considered as one of the best roofing contractors in Dallas, TX (USA), and thus we provide the best value for money for each of our projects. Furthermore, we deliver quality customer service, quality construction as well as professional expertise.

Commercial Roofing

Our round condo remodelling services includes plumbing, electrical, flooring and everything else. We implement sophisticated design and technology to give you a beautiful and functional condo.

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We offer commitment at all levels of building project, from preparing for construction to construction management services. For years, we have successfully met our client’s demand for cost effective and responsive services.

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Are you looking to transform the appearance of your home and improve its quality? Dallas Tx Roofing Pro is the complete roofing and remodeling professional serving everyone around the area.

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Dallas TX Roofing Pro is an authentic and reputed roofing contractor in Dallas, Texas and provides different kinds of roofing services to the customers. Besides this, we offer free inspection for the project as well as provide them with free estimates which help all our customers to understand the problems that they might be facing in their property. We provide wide range of services to our customers such as residential roofing, commercial roofing, gutter repair and replacement, roof repair and replacement, fence and deck buildup and much more.

We are a reputed roofing agency in Dallas, Texas who is quite experienced to understand the requirement of the clients and perhaps provide them with the best possible solution. We have a team of excellent crew members who are certified roofing professionals having great hand on experience in this industry. We make sure that our customers are happy and satisfied with the quality of work that we provide to them.

We are Roofing Contractor that is Certified:- It is always recommended to hire a roofing contractor that is having all the necessary certification. The contractor who is certified can offer a lot of benefits to the customer such as hassle free installation and warranties on the roofing system.

Dallas TX Roofing Pro is a certified roofing contractor that offers different kinds of roofing systems to the customers. They are quite experienced in repairing and installing different kinds of roofing system such as asphalt shingles, single-ply and metal roofing.

We are Roofing Contractor that is Licensed:- We at Dallas TX Roofing Pro are a licensed roofing contractor having obtained the license from the roofing contractors association in Texas. If a contractor has obtained a license, which potentially means that they are quite authentic and perhaps they have passed different safety and business examination, roofing knowledge examination etc. We are quite committed towards providing the best quality roofing services at a very affordable price.


We are very excited towards the service that we provide, and thus we are considered as one of the best roofing company in the United States. We offer quality materials while we do our projects so that the roof is made super strong within a specific period.

We thrive on working with honesty, and we strive for completing the entire project on time so that our clients are dependent on our good work. We have successfully delivered more than 1000 projects which makes us the most trusted construction companies in the USA

We are very particular with the timeline that is given by our clients, and thus we use a lot of latest tools and technologies so that the project is completed in time. We ask the client’s requirement in detail so that everything is done correctly.


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From the recent storm, we witnessed hail damage. We are glad that we got n touch with Dallas Tx roofing pro who is one of the reputed roofing companies in Dallas, Texas. The team came down very quickly and inspected the damage. They further explained the whole process and once I agreed to the terms and conditions they were up for the work. Finally, I got my roof repaired. I owe a big thanks to Dallas tx roofing pro from their timely work as well as affordable price.
Arren Kimbel
Dallas Tx Roofing Pro has given as the perfect roofing solution for our property. All the work completed by them is within the estimated timeline and moreover they charged a very affordable price. Their team of technicians were quite professionals and they were quite friendly. Dallas Tx Roofing Pro is highly recommended.
Amandaa Jesse

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