Residential Roofing

The service of residential roofing is the full-time service for a residential building contractor. Our team of professionals are experienced and talented and will also take extra care to ensure the satisfaction of the completion of the roofing project.

Dallas Tx Roofing Pro delivers strength and also provide longevity. We even have the record of success that is entirely based on many years of professional performance. When you select us, you’re investing in the best construction method and also with that best performance and reliability. We are always on top because of our quality material and roofing services.

A maintained and properly installed shingled roof is one of the best investments that the owner of the house can think to make. Our division has proved expertise with all kinds of asphalt roofing shingles. This is something that adds value to houses of any size and style by enhancing the appearance and integrity for the effective price.

As the experienced contractor of residential roofing with the vast skills, we are equipped to serve the customers who prefer to install alternative roofing system like metal. With Dallas Tx Roofing Pro specialists on the role, a trusted source of support and services covers all the needs of residential roofing.

Our solutions provide:
Inspection for free and then estimate cost

After thoroughly going through the condition of the existing roof, we’ll recommend both to repair or replace the strategy that will entirely fit your home's needs and also in the budget. Since we provide many options to fund the recommended needs of roofing, including the ability to provide only 0% of interest finance, we also guarantee that we’ll also make this a reality. We are also known as one of the industry leaders in the insurance claim replacement, so many of our customers have got new roofs with little cost. You might be playing on the roof for many years and you didn’t even realize.

Cost-effective and efficient roof installation for the new construction

Our trained roofing experts make sure that your process of the installation always stays on track and also in the budget while complying with the codes of the building, safety measurements and requirement of zoning.


The helpful project manager who is filled with knowledge

Our manager makes sure that you are aware of the job progress and will be there with you during the time of installation process. We take care of our needs and also ensure that your project gets completed with the best quality.

A durable, best performance system for roofing

Our team has highly qualified and also respected contractors that mean you don’t need to worry about undertaking any of the pressure. Our staff will advise you on the structural issues, the requirement of ventilation and also the best practices of the industry.

Timely repair and maintenance

Whether you are in need of emergency repair or the wear and tear or damage related to weather, our dedication towards your roof helps in maximizing the damage.

Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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